The country of Zara

Colors: Red, Black

National Animal: Tiger

National Symbol: Fire

People: Zarans

Capital: Rort Fung

Intent: Militaristic

Current Leader: Emperor Chi Long Religion: Mostly Aurins (Radical Tollaism)

Location: North

Climate: Cold, rainy

Just north of the Kulor Sea, Zara is a desolate and cold place to live. It is a brutal and harsh country, known only for it's ruthless military and manufactured products.

The Zarans are a radically religious people, following their Emperor with a blind faith. The Zaran Emperor has the highest ranking position in the entire world of Ishota. He is the King of all Kings, Ruler over all other Rulers. The other countries' leaders must answer to him. The other nation's people may elect their leaders, but they have to be approved by the Emperor. It is a high position, and easily corruptable.

Places of Note (Descriptions coming soon)

The Capital of Rort Fung

The Gulf of Shang

The City of Kaama

The Xigo Islands

The Lesser Canal

The Lha a Zuego

The City of Ikyo

The Oolang Mountains