The Rusanigas Demons are set apart from the other demons. They have a special connection to Tolla herself, which compromises their free will. The name is composed of "ru," which means heart and "sanigas," which means finder.

There are seven Rusanigas: Speed, Strength, Intelligence, Insight, Flight, Stealth and Invincibility. Children of these demons, while capable of Rusanigas power, will not inherit their place among the Seven until their parent dies.

Designed to rid Ishota of evil hearts, Tolla gave the Rusanigas a special design. When evoked, their power enables them to transform into a mighty beast, with long claws made for tearing out hearts. Often times, this transformation is out of their control. It is triggered under times of severe emotional distress, times of immanent danger to themselves or loved ones, and whenever Tolla wills it.

List of Current Rusanigas Demons:

-Dain "Finder" Rusanigas:  Demon of Speed (Kile, Rahad)

-Remine "May" Rusanigas: Demon of Strength ( Kulor Sea)

-Kaleronde “Sage” Rusanigas Demon of Intelligence(  Dammair, Caia)

-Machiem “Lore” Rusanigas: Demon of Insight ( Sidomn, Sierra Gesh)

-Eva “Jade” Resanigas Demon of Flight ( Lesser Forest, Sierra Gesh)

-Shzarr “Sorrel” Rusanigas Demon of Stealth (Therefore, Ija “Reed” is under the terms of her death.)(Izael, Rahad)

-Umáteya “Sienna” Rusanigas Demon of Invincibility ( Ranoghi, Rahad)