After the defeat of the Ka’Kartones, the Rusanigas demons, for they belonged neither with the humans nor the demons, fled to the north. They wept for their own misfortune for three years, creating a lake of tears, known today as the Lha’a Som Sev. Feeling very down on themselves, and very outcast, they each decided to place an article that belonged to them at the very bottom of the lake, hoping that they would not be forgotten. The Seven Articles at the bottom of the lake are told to have given the lake magical properties.

So, people from all over the world come to this spot to worship and pray to Tolla, hoping the magical properties of the lake will help them. It is also told that the lake water, when splashed over your heart, will aide you in finding things you have lost.

Here is a list of the items the original seven Rusanigas demons supposedly left:

Speed: Semora (Raven)

She was a dark-skinned woman renowned for her beauty. With dangerously long black hair and yellow eyes, it’s obvious where Dain got his looks. She left her sparkling red scarf at the bottom of the lake, made for her by her lover, a tailor.

Strength: Kinnis (Red)

He was a thin lad with vibrant red hair and wire-framed glasses. The Strength Rusanigas always seems to be someone you would never expect. He left a glass marble with a delicate teal design in the center. It was his favorite one. His and his sister’s favorite pastime was to play marbles together.



Insight: Lidoria (Sunny)

She was a woman with soft blonde hair and an unending smile. She loved music and knew how to play almost any instrument. She left her beloved pennywhistle at the bottom of the lake.

Flight: Maguron (Scout)

He was a man of small stature, but of scrappy nature. He was most known for his stubbornness and fierce loyalty. At the bottom of the Lake lay his most prized weapon, a fantastical thing of his own design. It resembles a wicked, bladed boomerang on the end of a rope.