The country of Sierra Gesh.

Colors: Blue, tan

National Animal: Ox

National Symbol: Tree

People: Geshites

Capital: Goya

Intent: Agricultural

Leader: King Arceas

Religion: Tollaism

Location: East

Climate: warm, mountainous, colder in polar regions

The massive country of Sierra Gesh lays to the east, run through with an almost insurmountable mountain range. It is most known for it's humble farmers and peaceful ways.

Sierra Gesh is a quiet, warm place to live, full of livestock and acres and acres of farmland. The people here are kind and simple, choosing to live with only what is necessary and nothing more. They routinely practice their religion, holding small ceremonies in their villages and having many roadside shrines to commemorate their goddess.

Places of Note (Descriptions coming soon)

The Capital of Goya

The Efedwa River

The Kallowa Mountains

The Village of Mirra

​The Village of Rol

The Mac'Shurah (Greater Forest)

The City of Lerica

The Port of Naad

The Port of Som

The Lha a Som Sev (Read the Legend)

The Mi'Shurah (Lesser Forest)

The City of Sidomn

The Jezma Gulf

The Pitre'a Gwell (Garden of Rocks)

The Village of Taywaer