The Thunder Chimera, Sel

Selomund Akane, otherwise known as The Thunder Chimera, lives to the northeast of the Kallowa Mountains in Sierra Gesh. He does not live in any village, but prefers to live alone in the solitude of the Mi'Shurah (Lesser Forest). He is almost compeltely self-sufficent, being able to hunt and gather all his food from the bountiful wilderness around him.

Selomund rarely ventured into the nearby village of Neyruida, and only made the trip for the necessities he could not get from the mountain. He never spoke to anyone in the village, but they all knew him as the grumpy, old hermit. Selomund was perfectly content with this and every other aspect of his life.

Then, in an attempt to be a more proficient hunter, Selomund combined pelts and accidentally became a chimera. He is the combination of a wolf, an alligator, and a mountain ram. Sel, at first, didn't seem to mind or notice. He went about his business like normal. But when he made that rare trip into town, it was chaos. They banded together and chased him out of the village.

Suddenly aware of his appearence, Selomund Akane now has nightly fits of rage towards his cursed life. He charges at the trees with his horns time and time again, causing a huge thundering sound that carries down into the village. That is why they named him The Thunder Chimera.