The Golden Chimera, known as Seerah.

Seerah, also known as The Golden Chimera, is the daughter of a cheiftain in Southern Rahad. Her father is Chief GoldenSky of the village Babu'e.

Seerah's village worshipped the lion as the ultimate hunter. In honor of their beloved idol, the hunters and huntresses of the village would skinwalk as lions for the hunt, inviting many actual lions along as well. They would share the spoils with them, and all was well.

But as the Chief's daughter, Seerah felt the pressure to do even better. Their village was surviving, but not thriving. Seerah made it her special responsibility to feed the village, and so unwittingly combined pelts of a lion, a rattlesnake, and a hawk in order to form the perfect predator. Her plan was very successful and she brought more meat back to Babu'e than they had ever seen before. For a moment, she was on top of the world. It wasn't until her father pushed through the gathering crowd to scorn her and disown her. He claimed that what she had done was dishonorable to the lion, to Tolla, and to herself. He marked her a monster, and ostracized her from the village.

Devastated, Seerah tried to change back to explain herself, but when she found out that she couldn't, she rampaged. Seerah tore a massive path of destruction west towards the coast. Her power and anger was so magnificent, word of her rampage passed to the Zarans , and she was quickly captured. Hoping to avoid more publicity, the Zaran force decided to cut through Sierra Gesh with Seerah secretly in tow. This is the path that Eli is following when he meets Kanna and Dain in the Port City of Naad.