The country of Rahad.

Colors: Yellow, brown

National Animal: Desert Fox

National Symbol: Sun

People: Rahidians

Capital: Izael

Intent: Economical

Current Leader: Emira Kya’rammen Religion: Half and Half (Atheist/ Conservative Tollaism)

Location: West

Climate: Hot, dry, desert-like

Located far to the west is the hot, sandy country of Rahad. This country is full of life and color, known for their spicy foods and extravagant clothing and jewelry.

The Rahidians are a proud and resourceful people, easily recognizable from the other nationalities by their dark skin and hair. The majority of these people are merchants, sailing the seas and discovering new things. They are excellent hagglers and spirited souls. They enjoy the luxuries of life, like smoking, eating, drinking and dancing. One of their top exports is tobacco, though much of it is bought back up by Rahidians.

Places of Note (Descriptions coming soon)

The Capital of Izael

The Szar Desert

The Lezandra River

The Plains of Aria

The Port of Anuk (Previously the Port of Surum)

The Port of Homan (Previously the Port of Huum)

The City of Kile

The Nbana Island

The Legendary City of Sevdhana

The Lha a Kha

The Village of Babuway

The Village of Ta'onde

The Arian Keys

The Canaad Ocean

The Greater Canal