The Demon of Insight

Machiem Rusanigas, also known as "Lore," is well-known by the people of the southern region of Sierra Gesh . He is an infamous performer and story-teller, often getting mixed up in female shenanigans. He is the Rusanigas of Insight.

Lore is sometimes mistaken as a woman himself because of this long, blonde hair. He is an incredible strong man, but it doesn't show in his muscles. He makes his living by pick-pocketing and performing for a sensationalist crowd. He know all the legends and all the stories from around the world, hence his alias. 

Lore has a very laid-back, charming personality, and knows how to get by on his charisma. Despite this, he is still incredibly genuine and kind.

His is a deeper story, with many twists and turns and secrets, which shall be revealed at a later time.