Kanna's Character Sheet

Kanna is an eighteen year old girl from Sierra Gesh. She is a thin, healthy girl with roughened hands from working on the farm. She inherited her mother's curly hair and her father's yellow-green eyes. She tends to wear the loose farmhand clothes typically found in Mirra, her home town. She has freckles and a scar on her right eyebrow.


Kanna is a peaceful, patient person. Her firm faith in Tolla allows her to reach a calm and happy state of mind.She is above hatred, though anger sometimes gets the better of her in rare instances. She is a pacifist, and would rather get struck down than hurt someone else. She is a rather curious individual, sometimes being a little too observant. She is a practical and sensible young woman, though she cannot help but be a dreamer and a romantic too.


Kanna has lived her whole life in Mirra. She knows only of the outside world through traveling merchants and adventurers who blow through the town. Her father, Jeronn, disappeared with she was six years old. Her curiosity, both of her father's whereabouts and of the world itself, has always inspired her to leave Mirra one day.

Other InformationEdit

Kanna wears an anklet of Tolla's Heart, akin to one her big sister Anamaya wears as a bracelet.

Kanna's scar has an interesting story behind it, which will be revealed later in the story.