The Pirate Captain, Joz

Captain Joz (pronounced like Joe's) Cutty is the commander of The Golden Mer, a passenger ship that transports paying guests from Sierra Gesh to Rahad. His crew is one of the only cross-race ships (consisting of a crew of both humans and demons) still in existance.

The Golden Mer is a galleon, or the classic idea of a "pirate ship." His first mate is May Rusanigas, one of the seven Rusanigas Demons. He is an impressive leader with a soft side he expresses roughly. He shows no fear and lifts his chin up high. He has a special distaste for the Zarans, on account of his crew. To him, crew is family, and he will do anything to be a thorn in the side of the Zaran Empire.

Captain Cutty has brilliant red hair with a goatee to match. He nearly always wears a bandanna either around his neck on on his head. He has an iconic scar across the left side of his lips.