Eli Abrantes' Character Sheet


Eli has a very unique look, to say the least. Part of it will have to be further explained in the history section futher down the page. He has a very mild complexion with a mess of curly, golden hair. He also has the back legs, tail and horns of a moutain ram. Its hard for him to find pants that fit just right. Or hats for that matter.


Eli is a timid, but passionate person. He loves books, as his namesake implies. He would much rather enjoy his time, quietly reading and studying. His most recent field of study-- one he finds obscenely fascinating-- is chimeras .


Eli has long wanted to be a scholar of importance in Ishota's history. His first field of study was skinwalking . He studied the boundaries and variables that the magic had.(A later link may be posted on his findings.) For one such experiment, he wanted to test how long someone could skinwalk. The previous belief had been only a few hours under the fear that people would forget they were people and remain as animals. He decided to exploit the loop hole and find ways to remind himself he was human while skinwalking. And it worked... to an extent.

He left journals open to read on an hourly basis while he skinwalked as a ram. The journals reminded him of his life and what he looked like as a human. He managed to keep his human mind. The effects on his body were a different story. He was unable to properly pull his human form out of the ram's skin intact. So he is now permanently bound to a partial ram's form.

Once he published his findings with this, he decided to further study the mutations of skinwalking in the form of chimeraism.

Other InformationEdit

Eli didn't wear glasses previous to his experimentation.