Dain's character sheet

Having grown up under the sun of the Szar Desert, Dain's skin, like most other Rahidians, is a dark copper color. With dark hair and brilliant yellow eyes, he very closely resembles his Rusanigas ancestor, Semora of Speed. His clothes are light, meant to keep the sun off one's skin, but be cool enough to withstand the heat. Like most people from Rahad, he is heavily adorned with jewelry, with four earrings, two hair plaits, bracelets and a ring.


Dain is a seclusive person, who doesn't necessarily like to share his thoughts or memories. The best words for him are cautious and untrusting. The prejudice from Zara against demons has tainted his view on life. He has moments where he is depressed, but for reasons he has yet to reveal.



Other InformationEdit

Dain has a sun tattoo on his left shoulder, underneath the sun on his shirt.

He flinches against his real name, but doesn't prefer one alias over another (i.e. letting Kanna name him "Finder").