The Golden Chimera, known as Seerah.

Chimeras were accidents that were never meant to happen. They are an abomination to the natural order of the world.

Skinwalking is a natural, easy and painless process. When one skinwalks, it can only last for a few hours before they are endangered with forgetting their original selves.

When tampered with, skinwalking becomes a painful and irreversible change, called chimeraism. In addition to forever being stuck as a beast, chimeras also forget who they were beforehand.

On the positive side, chimeras have all the strengths of the animals they have combined, as well as an additional monsterous power. They are capable of speech. They are often volitile and prone to fits of rage.

There is little information on them, but here is a list of known chimeras:

-The Great White Chimera

Only known as "Blink"

Mirra, Sierra Gesh

-The Golden Chimera (Pictured)


Daughter of Chief “Goldensky” Mbahbe

Babuwey, Southern Rahad

-The Thunder Chimera

Selomund Akane


Eastern Kallowa Mountains, Sierra Gesh

-The Fire Chimera

Brigid "Scarlet" Areya

Descendant of Kale the FireBringer

The Arian Keys, Rahad

-The Deep Sea Chimera

Leyan Kuro


The Greater Canal

-The Blue-Eyed Chimera

Rina Maetanna


Lerica, Sierra Gesh

-The Eventide Chimera

Keye "Grey" Granwen


Ktheire, Caia