The country of Caia.

Colors: Green, silver

National Animal: Owl

National Symbol: Lotus

People: Caians

Capital: Dammair

Intent: Unknown

Current Leader: (No leader) Order of Monks

Religion: Tollaism

Location: South

Climate: Cold, snowy, frozen

The small country of Caia almost sits forgotten, far to the south. It is a cold place to live, but a peaceful place.

The entire nation consists of monks and their temples; Each city is a temple with the homes of the monks surrounding it. The best word to describe this place is still. People do not often move in or out of this place. The majority of their time is spent meditating and contemplating Enlightenment.

During the bleak winter months, a festival is held at the capital. It lasts a week and leads up to the special event known as Rhe'a Fevra de Tolla, roughly translated to 'The Lights of Tolla's Hair.' These are the Southern Lights, a brilliant display of color and light in an enchanting undulating pattern. All the monks from nearby temples congregate to celebrate this religious holiday.

Places of Note: (Dscriptions coming soon)

The Capital of Dammair